7th Birthday tips for practical momsies

Planning for my daughter’s 7th birthday is somehow stressful and fun also, especially if you’re a hands on mom. Since her birthday falls on December which is a peak season. So I prepare it as early as possible. Book early to save a slot, time and promos. Parties need not have an expensive all the time. You can have other entertainment that is equally amazing as well, all we need is a little creativity. How do I prepare the party? Well consider an entertainment you will choose will depend on most of these factors; the guestlist, party theme, party venue, time and mostly your budget.

Guestlist – I make a guestlist for me to know how many kids and adults are going, considering my budget wont hurt.

Party Theme – I ask my daughter what she really want on her birthday. What theme, what will be the flow, the games, the show and how are we going to make an amazing and joyful entertainment. I ask some of our relative’s suggestion. I also research or read blog how did they spent their kids party. Where did they get their magician, catering, venue etc. So here it is, my daughter want a Shopkins theme, I ended up looking for invite with shopkins theme, cake, banner etc. My husband’s niece is an artist, she offered us to make an invite as her gift to my daughter. Also she volunteer to make designs on the venue, and make some music video on party. So bonus point I already made a savings for these. Next things is we shopped at Divisoria for her gown we bought 2 gowns cost 1200 and 800. We bought souvenir (sponsored by my uncle), balloons, party stuffs. My sister sponsored my daughter’s cake. I have classmate in Elementary who has a cake business, so I order one from her 24 cupcakes + cake, which is so good in taste and nice décor, and of course she gave me discount cost 5000 (you can contact her at her FB Kat Lui). Then the photobooth, I also have classmate in High School who has a successful business of it (sponsored by my nephew) 3500 (you can also contact her at fb Smartclickersphotobooth or Kaye Saur). And lastly to make an entertainment more amazing I search for the host/magician/ventriloquist. I found Kuya Aries at OLX offering me 6000 as his fee which is more way cheaper than others (which cost P10,000-20,000) and luckily he has convenient travel on his area to venue. He is a cool guy, funny, kids friendly and a good looking man too hehe.

Party venue – I have a lots of venue to consider but they are almost fully booked. Do look for the area that can be accessible for your guest too. Luckily, I found Hi Rice Grill buffet for my unica hija’s birthday party. I don’t have to worry since it’s an eat all u can buffet. There’s a platform/stage, big venue, nice and accommodating staffs, good foods and desserts. Having allotted time of 5pm-9pm. There’s an option time to choose whether morning party 11am-2pm or evening party 5pm-pm. There’s also a birthday package to be choose that suits to your budget & guestlist. My husband and I are fighting whether to choose package A cost P25,000 for 60pax, if exceeds will pay additional or choose package B cost P40,000 for 100pax. Do the Math. We choose Package A, for P25,000 since I exceed to 60pax, I think I got 93 guests in total as per Hi Rice grill list we paid only P9,000. So total of 25,000+9000=P34,000 against P40,000 package B for 100pax. We got a savings of P6,000.

Here is the breakdown of my expenses

My Expenses                                                        Sponsor

Gowns = 2000                                                    Souvenir = 2000 (34 x 60pcs)

Magician = 6000                                                 Cake = 5000

Party stuffs/décor/games = 1500                    Photobboth = 3500

Hi Rice Grill = 34,000 (25000+9000)                Invite (paper/envelope) = 200

                                                                              Banner = 400

P43,500                                                               11,100


Being practical is not hard as long as it will leave our guests with a happy smile, enjoy memories and a full stomach. Even my kid enjoy and will never forget her mini debut party.


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