For the love of natures

I am a farmer at heart, I love plants and gosh plants loves me too :-). I always dream of having house with a big big garden or having my own of farm. I want my house filled with flowers and plants. My mom loves flowers while I prefer plants that bear fruits & veggies.


Taking care of these plants is like taking care of my kid too. You water them, expose a bit to sunlight, some fertilizer and in return they give you fresh air, it feels relaxing, calm and greenery scene and mostly my favorite part is harvesting. It feels so good when you see the fresh result of your planting. As much as possible I wanted to be a vegetarian, to save animals being meat. I don’t have garden, but it’s not an excuse or hindrance for me to plant veggies, fruits, herbs. Yes I planted all these in the pot.

16649088_1098004150327752_8660455712171152125_n16649465_1098004253661075_7871544015185374128_n16640779_1098004023661098_5816453180926350607_n16683969_1098004490327718_2519543562536592327_nIMG_1585IMG_2070IMG_2243IMG_2235viber image.jpeg10viber image.jpeg820161211_143654IMG_1582viber image.jpeg9

(oh yes, i have lemon too!)

Herbs are useful for me as spices when I cook, since I have passion in cooking and it’s so nice that all my ingredients are fresh coming from my pot garden.


(Basil, Celery, Peppermint / Lemon Balm, Parsley, Rosemary, Cinlantro….these are all my herbs plants i think im lacking some of it like thymes hehe)

Some of my plants came from seedling, while others I bought at garden store. Glad it’s not expensive than I thought. I bought herbs for 3pcs for 100 pesos. Plants bearing fruits / veggies cost  50 pesos. Flowers ranging 35-75 pesos. To name a few garden store are, (since I’m located in Manila)

Farmers located at the back of Farmers Market Cubao,

Quezon City Cirle (inside circle) located at Elliptical Road Quezon City

Masinag Market along Sumulong Marcos Hiway

Also you can find it at some provinces like;

Tagaytay, Batangas, Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan, Baguio

viber image.jpeg7viber image.jpeg6viber image.jpeg5viber image.jpeg4viber image.jpeg3viber image.jpeg2viber imageIMG_0786


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